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Work in Progress VBE™

It has been OTB’s pleasure to be involved with a new, extremely complicated project that will showcase the power and usefulness of virtual builds in the high end residential market.

We work closely with the general contractor, project managers, the architect, and the sub contractors to capture the reality of the home, long before fabrication commences.  In what is turning out to be standard operating procedure, we begin by mirroring the existing blueprints and specifications and then utilizing the resulting VBE™ to analyze, trouble shoot, and assist in finalizing any changes to the design deemed necessary.

This VBE™ shows many of the tools we have at our disposal to capture, as close as possible, the actual reality of the site and the structure.  We initially shot panoramic pictures of the site at a few pertinent locations and then “wrapped” the model with the image, using natural landmarks to align the picture to the 3D topography we generated from the surveyor’s  topo maps. This is a fussy and maddeningly  tedious detail due to the realities of parallax, focal length, and the lack of a  margin for errors that aren’t visually apparent.

For the first time in our experience, we were lucky enough to have a heating and cooling company that designs their systems in 3D!  While their raw exports were unusable in our VBE™, they were fantastic for “tracing” to create our optimized geometry.  And it is always nice to meet a fellow 3D warrior!  The revolution is coming!

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