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Long Time, No Update

Just a quick update about our recent goings on.  We have been very busy with a slew of new and interesting projects.  In what may be a trend for the future, almost everything we have been working on recently is covered under non-disclosure agreements.  It is great to be so busy and excited for the future, but it sure makes it hard to keep our social media cloud updated with recent work.  Suffice to say that we are working on projects in 4 different states and are deeply immersed in designing timber frame assemblies, creating architectural visualization products, and designing extensive remodels.

As well, we are currently working very hard to create a innovative and paradigm changing business plan that we will be using to pursue investors for taking OTB to the next level of inovation with the design and visualization services we provide.   Can’t go into too much detail, but developing hardware, software, and training aids all feature heavily in our ever evolving plan for the future.

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