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The Hollander Timber Frame has been raised!

It with much anticipation and satisfaction the we can announce that the Hollander frame is complete and standing on her foundation in New York!  After taking the frame down in Montana, loading it onto 3 semis and shipping it across the country, loading 2 large job boxes with tools and hardware and shipping them, too, and then the four of us flying to New York and putting it back together, it is almost with surprise that everything went together flawlessly.

The weather was, other than two cold and rainy days, amazingly perfect; the on site guys were wonderfully helpful and capable; and with no missing pieces or hardware, the house really did just click together.  Well, there may have been a few moments using 20 ton jacks and 2 ton come-alongs, but, after the frame had stood outside for over a year in Montana, been disassembled, shipped, and reassembled, it is a testament to what precision joinery and fabrication allow for that the frame was such a joy to put back together.

It may take some time to compile all of the pictures and video, but we do have a time lapse of the entire 12 days for you to enjoy right now.

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